Core Java Project Desktop Application : Cab Invoice Generator

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Invoice Generator Core Java Desktop Application Using Swing


Invoice Generator is a Core Java Project for generating the invoices for a Rent-a-Cab company. It takes the details of the invoices via a form and then calculates the various subtotals, service taxes, rates applicable etc on the basis of choices entered and then generates the invoice for the user. 
It also allows you to Add, Edit or Remove the cabs, define and modify the various rent packages for customers, billing schemes etc. The company owner can change each and every detail about how the invoice will be calculated and generated.
I have used the MS-Access database for simplicity as this project is intentionally for the beginners in java programming. If you want to run the project, you must have to create the DSN with the name "invoice" and point it to the database that is provided with this project. Alternatively you can create the DSN with any name but in that case you will have to change the DSN name in each occurence of DSN in the project.
I have left out the various checks for type of data that can be entered in the fields and other validation checks in almost every forms. So you can download the project source code and do it yourself.
I will also additional functionalities like PRINT the invoice to this project in a week or two as and when I will get time. But for now it is a good beginner level Core Java Project for you to look at and understand the basic concepts and try some modification of your own. Like I have built it for a Rent-a-Cab company but you can modify it to accomodate the needs of some other firm.